Just how low will Local Councils go?

February 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Care | Finance

If you go into a residential or nursing home and you have no family looking out for you or managing your affairs, then the council will break into your home and go through it with a fine tooth comb. They’ll then aim to discover your bank accounts and details of any assets you may have which would come to over £23,250.

This amount won’t cover the cost of a year’s residential or nursing care but in spite of that you will still be subsidising other residents in the care home without your knowledge or even agreement.

And so your home has to be sold. Wasn’t it this government that was banging on about people not having to sell their homes?  Why has it now gone very quiet? All this sounds very like some other cultures – Communism comes to mind…

This issue has been highlighted by Surrey Council’s behaviour in respect of one of its older and very vulnerable residents. When the person was moved into residential care – the council emptied the home of their possessions.  Everything thrown into a lorry with mesh sides and taken nobody knows where.  Were the possessions assessed and sold for cash at the time?  If so, who has the cash?!

Why did officials need to enter the house when banks say they typically disclose such details if the individual gives written permission?

And now that this person has died, the Council is trying to take control of her assets and administer the estate. So the Council is now taking over the administration of the assets, controlling the assets, and taking money from the estate. Who is overlooking this? How transparent is it? Who will make the council accountable for its actions?  How will rip offs be identified?

Apparently other Councils have the same procedures.

So be aware – very aware – this is what you have to look forward to. Invasion of privacy, no respect, and being ripped off – if you are lucky enough to find any services that is. Oh, and as a thank you for your hard work and savings you have the privilege of paying for the other guests in the care home to subsidise social services and the government!


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