The Age UK London Opinion Exchange is a new website from Age UK London. It is part of the organisation’s ‘Fit 4 Purpose’ project, which is funded by London Councils.

The Opinion Exchange features opinion pieces and discussion forums to trigger debate and ensure older people’s organisations are able to respond to the changing needs of their users.

We welcome comments from anyone interested in these issues but are particularly trying to engage with older people’s organisations in London.

The ‘Fit 4 Purpose’ project will support, inform, up-skill and network at least 400 voluntary and community organisations working with older people, across all London boroughs. It will help them effectively manage income reductions by providing them with the knowledge and skills to broker partnerships, ‘stay afloat’ and most effectively serve their users.

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  • Molly Bartlett says:

    A number of meetings have been held at City Hall with TFL regarding buses, etc. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend these but I would like to question how buses are designed and who has input into those designs. The seats are very low so that anybody with severe arthritis has a job to get up from the seat – in fact has to pull themselves up quite literally after having fallen onto the seat in the first place. A lot of space appears to have been taken up at the front of some of the buses for storage thus depriving passengers of some seats. I feel that these buses have been designed by young people who go everywhere by car and never really see the result of that design. Please TFL include old people and those who are disabled when you commission designs for buses.

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