Age Discrimination in public and private services

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has a duty to write guidance on how to interpret the Equality Act ban on age discrimination in services, public functions and associations. This covers many public and private services. The guide is intended to help businesses, public authorities, courts and others interpret the law. The EHRC are consulting on their proposed guidance until 2 May. Of course, age organisations will be responding to the consultation.

Do you have any experiences or just views of  age discrimination that you would like us to know about and make the EHRC aware of? It’s worth knowing that the Act has “age specific exceptions” for financial services and for age-related concessionary services. But your views could still help influence how these exceptions will be interpreted and how wide ranging they will be in practice.

Please let us know by responding to this post!

If you want to read the EHRC’s consultation document (and I’m not saying you should!) you can find it at 


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