Age UK Haringey Investigates Dial-a-Ride services

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by Robert Edmonds in Consultations | Transport

If you are an adult with mobility issues that are significant enough to prevent you from using public transport, ostensibly Dial-a-Ride (DaR) appears to be the answer to all your travel woes. You no longer have to endure the indignity of waiting for impatient, harried commuters or Transport for London staff sometimes reluctant to help you on or off a bus, train or the Tube. The service is free. Its drivers, trained in first aid and disability and equality awareness, will pick you up from outside your front door at a pre-arranged time and will drop you safely off at your destination. However, judging from the anecdotal evidence that Age UK Haringey has been receivings from some of the borough’s residents about the book-in-advance, door-to-door transport service, DaR appears to be struggling to deliver on its remit .

AUKH has been regularly supporting individuals to raise complaints and concerns about many aspects of Dial-a-Ride and is planning to publish an article about it including a response from the general manager of the service. AUKH feel that many who could benefit from the service are unaware that it is available (this may impact some communities disproportionately). Many may be being deterred from requesting a service due to challenges faced when attempting to get through to make a booking and/or use the standby service. They would very much like to hear whether these experiences in Haringey are typical of other boroughs. If you have anything you would like to share about Dial-a-Ride (whether positive or negative) please get in touch with Arlene Martin at Age UK Haringey,

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