Beware of Phone Scammers Posing as Police Officers

February 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Scams

We seem to be constantly telling people to be alert. If it is not bogus gas/electricity/plumbers at your door, junk mail scams or internet fraud that we are warning you about it is something different. What a shame that the people who think up these scams to get your money or identity do not put their energy into something worthwhile and of benefit to the community but I suppose that does not pay as well as successful scams!

Today’s message is about yet another scam to trick older people into handing over their bank details or savings phone scammers

These fraudsters contact people by phone posing as police officers. They claim that money has been or is about to be stolen from your account and a suspect has been arrested. They ask for your PIN or key to it into the phone. Sometimes the fraudster will give  you  a telephone number to ring to verify that they are really who they say they are but although you put the phone down and dial a new number – the fraudsters are still on the line as they have not disconnected the call and so will pretend to be your bank. To beat this – if you have a mobile or second phone line – ring your bank on a different phone line and explain what is happening. Following their call the fraudsters then pose as a courier and come to collect the bank card and of course once they have your bank card and PIN – they clear out the bank or savings account.

It has been known for people to be persuaded to go to their bank and withdraw all their savings and then handing them over to the fraudster/policeman/courier. When we had an event with the Banking Institute – we highlighted this problem and asked whether they ever questioned a person who was withdrawing large amounts of money from their account or indeed their whole savings. Bank staff are now trained to block a withdrawal if they are at all suspicious. It would be interesting to hear from you as to whether you have any stories or information.

Remember Banks, Police etc. will never ask for bank details or PIN numbers. If you get such a call – put the phone down and on a different phone report the matter to the police.

Do keep in touch and let us know of any scams or frauds that are happening in your area so we can publicise it and inform local Trading Standards and local Police.

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