So what’s the news? Well, the strongest El Nino indicates that winter will be a Big Freeze – a long snowy winter, colder than normal with heavy snowfall bringing transport chaos again. I wonder if transport for London and the train operators have taken any notice of this warning or will we, as usual, have …
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Winter Deaths are Avoidable

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Health | Weather - (0 Comments)

Winter deaths are avoidable. Public Health England stated that an ‘excess’ of 2,500 Londoners could die this winter unless people take action to protect themselves from cold weather. So what action should you take? One of the most important things, apart from keeping warm, is to ensure that everyone over 65 has the flu vaccination. …
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Winter Has Come

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Energy and Fuel | Weather - (0 Comments)

You can always tell when the cold weather and winter is arriving by the Energy Suppliers. The first whiff of cooler weather and they announce eye watering increases in electricity and gas. Is there anything you can do? There is more and more advice to look at the tariff you are on – there are …
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