Computer Technology: The Best Thing Since the Discovery of Penicillin?

September 7th, 2016 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Digital | Social Media | Uncategorized

You know how we are always being told that we must move into the modern world? No paper to clutter up your desk and home because emails/technology are the best things that have ever happened to mankind and save you so much time etc. etc. – rubbish! What absolute rubbish!

Ok, it may be fine when it works, but it is so unreliable – how many people have a whole week without any problems whatsoever? It’s a bit like asking Transport for London and South West Trains if they have managed to run all trains on time for a whole week – I think we all know the answer to that one!

Either you can’t find the cloud, or if you do, you can’t get on it! If too many people are using a computer/the server (what they would do if every household in the country had a computer as the governments says it wants, the mind boggles) then it won’t let you into emails, or even if you are in email, it won’t let you respond, or won’t let the computer close down, or the document you’re working on just stops or fades away – the list goes on and on.

And when you contact the engineer just before you throw the computer out of the window: “Thank you for advising us that you have a problem. We are in the process of investigating why you have a problem and an engineer will call you.” 8 hours later – still waiting for the problem to be fixed and the engineer to call – you lose the will to live and leave the computer as is (because it won’t let you close it) and wonder what your blood pressure is doing. Instead of computer classes maybe meditation would be better – at least that helps to control your blood pressure…

There is also this fallacy that email is quicker. Really?! 12 emails in an hour, 20 emails in 4 hours – is that really quicker than working on a pile of paper files? At least with paper files you can actually get at the information! Pity the poor souls who have their diaries on computer – how often can they access them with confidence?

Then of course there are all the other issues: the cost of support, software packages, computers, printers, paper, broadband etc… Oh, and most of all, making sure you are secure and can’t be hacked into! Anyway, perhaps those issues are best left for another day…

So please – stop telling me that my life must revolve around the computer for all aspects of communication. It is not the cure to isolation and loneliness, nor is it the only way you can talk to family and friends. Yes, it does have some benefits for many people, but I don’t have the patience to fiddle on with it and really there is so much more to enjoy in life.

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