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3 Responses

  • Kathrin Meyrick says:

    Having spent an afternoon helping an older person apply online for a new Blue Badge (for preferential parking) I wonder how many just give up! Not only are there no reminders sent out when the badge expires, but the applicant has to go through the whole process of listing ailments, treatments and detailed estimates of walking ability and distances from scratch. I realise these badges are highly valuable and need careful issuing, but surely there could be a ‘no improvement in conditions, renewal requested’ button…. I wonder what percentage of Blue Badge holders are older people, many of whom will be digitally challenged to apply online, which involves scanning in documents and uploading photos?

  • Vidur says:

    The pro and con arguments by politicians on the media, about the EC, leaves me with the view that there are obvious benefits from being a part of a larger organisation, but there are disadvantages getting a huge juggernaut to suddenly change course or for the EC to respond effectively to minority concerns. I think the Government irrespective of party in power have a duty to inform us objectively and simply with facts and figures about the EC. The MEPs should take this on as part of their role.

  • Richard Gildea says:

    A Christmas Sonnet (to encourage neighbourliness)

    Rekindle the Flame

    Bereft of friends and neighbours to enquire

    How cruel is life when left to linger on

    In huddled form; stoked embers for a fire

    With scuttle short of coal (to put upon)

    Alone she sits and dreams of days gone by

    Of gatherings with loved ones ‘round the tree

    Such joyful times, when loved and still quite spry

    Now love itself has proved an absentee

    If destiny should be to fade away

    Perchance a kindly word couldst then impart

    Receiving of a card for ‘Christmas Day’

    May bring in from the cold; twud lift one’s heart

    As ‘Season of Goodwill’ once more proclaims

    A spark is all it takes to fan the flames

    Aramis /|\

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