Dementia Friendly Boroughs

August 30th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Dementia | Health

Dementia is a  fashionable subject at the present time which can only be a good thing – lots of talk, meetings, conferences and good will but is there enough action to match all this talk?

Several Boroughs are working towards becoming ‘Dementia Friendly Boroughs’ working with local shops, café’s and businesses providing information and training around dementia and where to get help for someone should it be needed. So how far across the  London Boroughs has this reached? Is this happening in your borough? If so have you noticed any change? Do you know anyone who either has dementia or is a carer for someone with dementia – is there a difference in community attitude and the way services are presented? How do you know that a shop, café or business is part of the Dementia Friendly scheme? Do you know or have you seen any publicity to tell you about Dementia Friendly Boroughs?

Let us know your thoughts on this concept and how far your borough has progressed – don’t forget to let us know the name of your borough so we can start mapping London’s overall progress.

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