Good-Bye to Cold Calling!

December 15th, 2016 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Business | Scams

Wonderful news – isn’t it nice to be able to give some good news amongst all the gloom and doom of recent months?!

At long last the government has taken action!

Thanks to Which? and its campaign, companies who are caught bombarding the general public with nuisance calls will see their bosses face proceedings and fines up to £500,000.

Presumably the companies will pay the fines rather than the individual. Although, if the Chief Executives of these companies can afford £500,000, it just shows why these companies have been so reluctant to give up this very lucrative scam!

How nice it will be to be able to answer the phone again rather than scanning it to see who’s calling!

I can also now text without receiving a load of rubbish! I have a pay as you go phone so not under contract to anyone – so how do these companies get my mobile number?!

I hope these new regulations will also include political parties bombarding us with nuisance calls.  There is a by-election in my local area and it is a nightmare!

Apart from them certainly not being “green” (one party putting one or more leaflets through my door every day for the last two weeks!) somehow they’ve also accessed my mobile number and have started ringing day and night to see if I would vote for them.

The sad thing is, before the canvassing started I was going to vote for them!  However the constant harassment by phone and junk mail has caused me to have second thoughts.

You would have thought – following on from Brexit and Trump – that politicians or hopeful politicians would show more respect for their community, but they seem unable to learn lessons.

In the future months it will be interesting to see how many companies will face action and whether we really do notice a blissful silence!

Let us know if it is working for you in the comments below!

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