How long do you wait for an Ambulance?

March 5th, 2014 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Emergency Services | Health

You may be aware that there are growing concerns with respect to how long some people have to wait for an ambulance. This really stems from the way ambulance services are now provided. Obviously 999 calls for life threatening conditions are answered very quickly – it is the situation where a person’s condition is not said to be life threatening such as a person who has suffered serious injury or an 88 year old woman who has fallen and has to wait on the floor for several hours before the ambulance arrived. Even someone who has taken an overdose may have to wait some time for the ambulance to arrive. Once the ambulance arrives staff are efficient and professional in ensuring appropriate treatment.

It is noted that the numbers of demands on the service is rising by about 5% a year and the service is increasing the number of Hear and Treat calls dealt with by the paramedics but response times are not acceptable for non urgent calls.

To enable feedback to be given to the London Ambulance Service we need YOU to tell us your experiences of using the London Ambulance Service – how many phone calls did you have to make before the ambulance arrived? How long did you have to wait for the ambulance? Did you feel the ambulance call staff were supportive during your wait? Did you believe that the patient was at risk?

Do let me know your thoughts and any other comments you wish to make – any ways the service can be improved and what will make the London Ambulance Service the best in the country.

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