Increase Funding for Arts and Musical Activity for the Brain

June 26th, 2013 | Posted by Chris Wyatt in Dementia | Health

The Age UK website (  reports that the power of music to unlock memories and kick-start the grey matter is an increasingly key feature of dementia care. It seems to reach parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot according to Professor Paul Robertson, a concert violinist and academic who has made a study of music in dementia care.

The auditory system of the brain is the first to fully function at 16 weeks, which means that you are musically receptive long before anything else. So it’s a case of first in, last out when it comes to a dementia-type breakdown of memory.

There is also reference to the power of music and dance in helping  people with dementia in recent NICE (National Institute for Clinical Institute) guidance.

So I say to local authorities and the new clinical commissioning groups: you really need to find some money to fund more music activities for people with dementia.

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  • Liza Castellino says:

    I would second Chris Wyatt’s comments. Music certainly brings folk with dementia to life and they belt out the songs without having to be given song sheets.

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