Older People – contributors or burdens?

June 27th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Employment

Another week and another ‘bashing older people sports’ time!  This week it’s employment.

First there are the vitriolic letters in the Metro – apparently most over 65’s have their own home, 2 cars and say they  are hard up because they have higher fuel bills…  In fact anyone working over 65 is greedy – we have had our day and so any one over 65 should give up work to allow young people to take their jobs. I am not sure where they are getting their facts unless they are part of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband’s circle. I am also  not sure that many bankers, politician, judges, lawyers, hospital consultants, GP’s, corporate Chief Executives etc. would feel that younger people could bring the skills and experience needed to provide the professional knowledge and  standards required or are the professional workforce exempt from this rant by younger people? Is it only people like you and me this particular demand refers to?

There  is  also  the  ‘awful suggestion’ that young people are ‘trapped’ into living at home with parents they cannot stand which causes depression and suicide. But how many of these young people are paying rent? Their food? Helping towards the utilities etc.? Most times – living with parents may not always be a bed of roses but it is cheap. And what about the feelings of the ‘parents? Are they happy with the situation – can it not cause parents depression too?

Older people cannot win – first we are a burden on society – how can the country cope with this ageing society which contributes nothing (the volunteering, childcare and caring count for nothing in the eyes of this young culture). Yet when we go to work to earn money to pay for our future care needs and pay tax – we are greedy.

So what’s the solution? Instead of putting generation against generation we need the banks to lend money to manufacturing, building and small businesses to create job opportunities which in turn provides taxes and more money in people’s pockets so they are more likely to go and spend. The banks led us here now it is their duty to lead us to a more prosperous future for all generations.

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