Opinion Exchange Update December 2016

December 13th, 2016 | Posted by George Harvey in Roundup

Welcome to the latest Age UK London Opinion Exchange Update!

The Age UK London Opinion Exchange is part of our organisation’s ‘Fit 4 Purpose’ project, which is funded by London Councils.

The Opinion Exchange features opinion pieces and discussion forums to trigger debate and ensure older people’s organisations are able to respond to the changing needs of their users.

The Opinion Exchange has seen some really thought provoking articles go online in the last month.

The articles include:

Why Don’t Government Departments Communicate?: Are there conflicts between government departments that prevent services from being as integrated as they should be? How can public bodies work together to improve the services on offer?

Should Services Be Rationed?: Health care has always been rationed to a certain extent but is it getting worse? Rationing and austerity mean that we are now in a precarious position and efficiency savings will impact us all.

How Much Would You Pay to Visit Your GP?: We want to hear your views on the contentious issue of  how health services will be funded in future.

As well as inviting you to read and comment on existing articles, we’d love you to get involved by contributing your own opinions. If you would like to write an article about any subject related to older people in London please email your article – or an idea for one – to George Harvey, Communications and Campaigns Assistant at Age UK London at gharvey@ageuklondon.org.uk

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