Rail service? What rail service?

September 24th, 2015 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Transport

A few days of sun and what happens? The rail network goes up the creek.  Didn’t we help build railways in India, Africa several centuries ago? I thought these were hot countries so do the rails not buckle in those countries and if they don’t – why do ours? Why don’t we have similar rails just in case the sun shines?

What is the point in spending millions, or even billions, of pounds on HS2  high speed rail and trains when the transport system cannot even run a basic  reliable service when there are leaves, rain, snow, wind or a couple of days of sunshine? At the moment the whole system collapses every year. Will HS2 run when there is snow, wind, rain, leaves and sun? Surely if the rails buckle on our present rail track system – they will buckle on the new system and the new system will still have to contend with the same weather conditions as the present rail infrastructure. What a waste of money.

We have now been told there is no money to improve the present service – have they been lying to us for years? We have constantly been told the reason for continuing to make passengers  pay the highest fares in Europe with the added insult of the annual fare rise – often well above inflation –  was for improvement in the infrastructure. Have you noticed any improvements? What has happened to those millions of pounds? Gone on staff bonuses and perks? Don’t Network Rail staff get free travel throughout the country for themselves, their families including aunts and uncles? Many Londoners are paying more in fares than on a mortgage or rent and that is saying something in London.

So we will have to continue with delays, cancellations, signal failures, over- running engineering works, trains with no toilets, windows that barely open, no seats and no sort of air conditioning –  in fact it is so dangerous if the sun shines that people are advised to carry water with them on all journeys  and for those who commute – being packed in with less room than a sardine in a tin – is it any wonder that people faint or become ill using our rail network service. Why is there not a free water station at all stations so people can fill a water bottle before getting on a train? The RSPCA would prosecute any company/organisation transporting/treating animals in this way. Are animals more important than people?

Isn’t it about time we said STOP to the building of HS2 and put the money into the much needed basic services to ensure trains will run in rain, snow, through leaves and the few days of sunshine we get in a reliable way, on time, with windows that open or air conditioning, seats, toilets and if necessary space to stand without having to get to know the stranger beside you very well.

What are your views? Are you fed up with the continuous disruption to services?

As usual – your comments please – especially why other countries can run rail services in a variety of differing climates and Network Rail can’t.

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