Summer has come at last but how do you keep cool?

July 25th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Fitness | Health | London | Older People

Summer has come at last and it is lovely to see the sun instead of all those dull, grey clouds but for many people the heat and humidity is very uncomfortable.

We know that people with existing medical conditions such as respiratory and/or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal problems to name but a few are at greater risk.  Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can come on very rapidly and should be taken seriously – if in doubt seek medical advice.

With the government focus on insulation etc. – many people have found their homes unbearably hot and airless – so how do we keep cool?  We all know the obvious – drink lots of water, don’t go out in the midday sun, wear a hat, wear lots of sun protection, use a fan – but what else do you do?

One tip – fill hot water bottles with water from the fridge – about 15 mins before going to bed put 1 bottle on your pillow – the other on the sheets.  Result – a nice cool bed and pillow!

Now let us have your tips – what do you do?

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