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March 17th, 2015 | Posted by Gordon Deuchars in Consultations | Digital | London | Older People | Social Media | The Underground | Transport | Uncategorized

Transport for London are reviewing the accessibility information that they make available via their website, Journey Planner and the open data that allows developers to produce apps. They  want to give older and disabled people more confidence to use the network safely and independently.

What do you think of TfL’s information offer to help you plan your journeys and keep up with what is happening while you are out and about? Do you find what they provide useful or not, and how would you like to see it improved?

Particular questions TfL are asking:

  • What online information do we currently provide that older and disabled people find useful?
  • Does our website and Journey Planner provide everything that is needed?
  • If we were to produce our own app(s) what do you think should be included i.e. Journey Planner, audio/visual real-time information etc.?
  • Do you have an idea for a particular app that would benefit you or your members (i.e. similar to recent RLSB Wayfindr app trials at Pimlico)?
  • Is there an existing app that you find useful that could be built on or improved?
  • Considering many older and disabled people may not use smartphones, is there anything more we could produce to help people pre-planning their journeys or accessing travel information while using the network?

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7 Responses

  • Dulcie Burnett says:

    Still having difficulty getting on and off the busses.. They are not lowing the bus exit which makes it very difficult getting off the bus. Please help.

    • Sidney Golding says:

      I don’t use a smart phone but I do use the web site to plan my journeys. Information on repairs and line restrictions is given on the day. It would be useful if this information is available the day before. Otherwise I find the site very useful.

  • Keith Clarke says:

    When I drive out of London to see my daughter, I find the TfL Twitter feed on road congestion very useful.

  • John Ball says:

    Transport for London must not fall into the trap of regarding older people as a homogenous group. This is especially the case when looking at IT. Non computer and smart phone literate ,typically the oldest old, still need the excellent paper maps etc which LT produces. More IT savvy people may need and benefit from more and better apps. But the older group must not be forgotten. Their needs for support are probably greatest. One improvement I can think of would be to increase the proportion of bus stops having real time info. on likely arrival times.

  • Anonymous says:

    The journey planner is not real-time. I look up trains it says are running, get to station there not running.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think its ok. It does provide what I need to some extent.

  • Anonymous says:

    Never heard of wayfinder. Your site is not set for elderly. It lacks vision and one click easy access.

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