What is an accessible bus stop?

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Apart from the well-known issue about the behaviour of some bus drivers,  people have sometimes told us about problems boarding the bus or waiting for the bus. This could either be because the bus didn’t pull right up to the bus stop, or sometimes because of the design or construction of the bus stop itself.

Now Transport for London is consulting (until 31 Otober) on accessible design of bus stops. You can see the consultation at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/accessible-bus-stop-design-guidance  This is a chance to tell TfL how bus stops should be best designed to be accessible for you and others!

One new thing which may be controversial is how bus stops link with cycle lanes: the drive to get more people cycling means there are more cyclists who need to safely get round buses at stops. On p.29 the consultation document describes (with a picture) “Bus stop cycle bypasses”  where the cycle lane goes round behind the bus stop, and you therefore need to cross the cycle lane to get to the bus stop. some of these bypasses exist already, would you be happy to see them rolled out more widely?


It would be good to know your views about this, and generally how to improve bus stops.

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