Winter Has Come

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Lynn Strother in Energy and Fuel | Weather

You can always tell when the cold weather and winter is arriving by the Energy Suppliers. The first whiff of cooler weather and they announce eye watering increases in electricity and gas.

Is there anything you can do? There is more and more advice to look at the tariff you are on – there are a variety of tariffs and you need to talk to your supplier and see if you are getting the best they can offer. Other advice includes comparing the different tariffs of the different suppliers and switching to a fixed deal – many companies offering a fixed price till 2017 which means you would not be affected by the annual hikes in prices until 2017. Also make sure that you receive your gas and electricity from the same company, as paying ‘dual fuel’ by direct debit can save you money.

If this all seems very complicated and you feel it’s not for you – there is help at hand; (0800 074 0745) and are there to help. All are independent advisers.

Switching is easy. First you need to supply your postcode; then the name of your current supplier, your current payment method and the name of the tariff you are currently on. Details of your tariff should be on your bill. Then give details of your annual kWh usage; if you don’t know it, ask your present supplier. If you decide to switch you will be given help to do so. Remember that you have a 12-14 day cooling off period in which you can stop the switching process.

Let is know if you try switching and your experience. How easy was it? Were there any difficulties? Did you fully understand the process?

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